Branaman Family Photos
James Aden "J. A." and Anna Susan Branaman and Children

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Anna Susan Jennings


J. A. and Anna Susan with baby Nestella

c. 1913

Dale, J. A. and Glen.  Dale regularly accompanied his father on road sales trips for Watkins products in the 1920's.  This income supplement his salary for preaching.  

c. 1921

Glen and Dale with Watkins cases.

c. 1921

Glen and Jackie.  They played regularly at events in Slaton.  This photo was taken before a radio performance in Lubbock, Texas.

c. 1936

Archie, Jackie, Nestella

c. 1931

J. A. Branaman in Lewisville.  Sermon delivered in Lewisville on the 50th anniversary of his first sermon.


Jackie, Dale, Glen, Archie