Maurice Langhorne Van Leer was born 8/7/1865 in Fannin County, Texas. He died 5/12/1897 in Galveston, Texas. Married 10/17/1888, Bonham, Texas to Mary Tarleton (born 7/30/1868). She was daughter of Lt. Robert Price Tarleton (Confederate Army) and grand-daughter of Col. James Tarleton and Nancy Price Tarleton, who was on Sam Houston's staff and was at the battle of San Jacinto.

Descendants taken from the "Vanleer Papers" at Chester County Historical Society are listed below, starting with Generation 12.

12. Blake Ragsdale Van Leer. (1) Born Mangum, Texas, now Oklahoma 8/16/1893. After father's death in 1897 lived in Masonic Orphanage in Galveston.  Graduated from Purdue 1915 with honors. Married 9/6/1924 Ella Lillian Wall in Berkeley, California.  President of Georgia Tech 1944-1956.  Died of a heart attack in 1956.  (Mrs. Ella Wall Van Leer was the author of the "Vanleer Papers" on file at Chester County Historical Society.)

13. Blake Wayne Van Leer. (1) Born 1/13/1926, Berkeley, Calif.

14. Wayne Tarlton Van Leer. (1)  Married Joy Ann Halyburton on Feb. 23, 1979.

15.  Laura Catherine Van Leer. (1)
15.  Christopher Wayne Van Leer. (2)

14. Maryanne Van Leer. (2)

14. Blake Ragsdale Van Leer II.(3)   Married Rhoda Lee in 1980.

15. Blake Ragsdale Van Leer III. (1)
15. Philip Van Leer.  (2)  

13. Maryly Van Leer. (2) Born 6/29/1930 Washington, D. C.
13. Samuel Wall Van Leer (3). Born 9/24/1934 Gainesville, Florida.

12. Sudie Ella Van Leer. (2) Born 7/16/1896. Married W. Claude Cox. No children.