Margaret Van Leer was born 12/14/1803 at Springton Forge, West Nantmeal, Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died at Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee. She married, first, John Kennedy of "near Pittsburgh"--who moved to Tennessee in 1825. Married, second, Hardiman Stone on 6/14/1832. Stone was born 12/8/1805 and died 2/26/1880 in Kentucky. He was the son of William Stone (1782-1865) and Keziah Marriette (1782-1850), grandson of William Stone (1760-1805) and Elizabeth Hardiman Stone.

Margaret Van Leer and Hardiman Stone are spoken of as pioneers in the Yellow Creek section of Montgomery County and Dickson County, Tennessee. This was Hardiman Stone's second marriage. His first wife was Susanna Russel by whom he had two daughters.

Margaret and John Kennedy had one child. She and Mr. Stone had two children.  Margaret's descendants from the "Vanleer Papers" at Chester County Historical Society are listed below, starting with Generation 11.

11. John Kennedy. (1) Lost in Gulf of Mexico about 1845. Believed to have been en route to California in search of gold.

11. Samuel Burns Stone. (2) Born 12/8/1833 near Cumberland Furnace.

12. Charles Robert Stone (1)

13. 3 daughters, all died young.

12. Anthony Van Leer Stone. (2)

12. Albert Johnson Stone. (3)

12. Frank Hardiman Stone. (4)

13. 2 sons and 3 daughters.

12. John William Stone. (5)

12. Samuel Wayne Stone. (6)

13. 2 sons and 1 daughter.

12. Hattie Arabella Stone. (7)

13. 3 daughters.

11. Robert B. Stone. (3). Born 9/16/1837. Died 3/21/1926. Married in 1867, Sarah Jackson (1842-183). She was the daughter of Epps Jackson and Sara Mead Bibb Jackson. R. B. Stone was a Confederate veteran, serving in Forrest's Cavalry.

Robert Stone was the manager of Cumberland Furnace over 20 years, working under James Pierre Drouillard. When Mr. Drouillard retired in 1889, he sold Cumberland Furnace to the Southern Iron Company. This corporation was made up of five investors; the principal investor was R. B. Stone. The Southern Iron Company, however, resold the property and it was operated outside the Van Leer family until 1938.

12. Margaret (Maggie) Stone. (1) Born 1868. Married 11/16/1893 to W. H. Neblett.

13. Ward Neblett. (1) Married Kathleen Boyte.

14. Roberta Neblett. (1) Born 1832.  Married Dan Andrews of Dickson County, TN.

12. Epps Hardiman Stone. (2) Born 1869. Married Maude Bowers. Epps Stone purchased Cumberland Furnace in 1938, reopened the furnace and operated it until its final shut-down in 1941.

13. Sara Stone. (1) Married a Lamb.

14. Margaret Lamb. (1)

14. Mike Lamb. (2)

13. Robert Stone (twin to James). (2) Married a Hardison.

14. Robert Stone. (1)

14. Sara Stone. (2)

14. James Stone. (3)

15. Sara Stone. (1)

15. Allen Stone. (2)

12. Ida Florence Stone. (3) Born 1872, Cumberland Furnace, Dickson County, Tennessee. Married 8/10/1893, S. E. Hunt, Edgewood, Tennessee. Hunt was born 1866 in Edgewood. Graduate of Lebanon Law School and principal of Edgewood Normal College. Represented Dickson County in legislator for 2 terms.

13. Christine Hunt. (1) Born 12/3/1896 in Edgewood. Married George Collins. Lived in Louisville, Kentucky.

14. Gretchen Collins. (1)

14. Hunt Collins. (2)

13. Neil Hunt. (2) Born 7/24/1897, Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee. Married Carrie McAul. Lived in Nashville where he was president and owner of Nashville Buttermilk Company.

14. Jean Hunt. (1) Born 1920, Nashville.

14. Albert Earnest Hunt. (1) Born 1921, Nashville.

12. Effie Sara Stone. (3) Married Dr. Paul Beckham, Farmville, Virginia. Died in childbirth.

12. Robert James Stone. (4) Married Lola Russell. Lived in Neptane, Tennessee.

13. Lucille Stone. (1) Married F. C. Stratton.

14. F. C. Stratton, Jr. (1)

14. Gloria Stratton. (2)

13. Emilie Stone. (2) Married James Killebrew.

13. Lola Stone. (3) Married Arch Cochran.

13. Effie Mildred Stone. (4)