Hannah Van Leer was born 12/4/1802, West Nantmeal, Chester County, Pennsylvania at Springton Forge. Married 1/20/1820 James Robertson Napier who was also in the furnace business. His parents were Richard C. Napier and Charlotte Robertson. He was a descendant, on his mother's side, of James Robertson who is considered the "Father of Middle Tennessee" as well as the "Father of the Iron Industry" on the Highland Rim. Robertson established the first Cumberland Furnace which he sold to Montgomery Bell in 1800. The Napier's were a Pennsylvania family. James Robertson Napier died 7/17/1832 during a cholera epidemic.

Hannah's descendants listed in the "Vanleer Papers" at Chester County Historical Society, starting with Generation 11 are listed below:

11. James Blount Napier. (1) Born 10/31/1820. Died 6/3/1868.

11. Richard Claibourne Napier. (2) Born 8/25/1822. Died young.

11. Charlotte Eliza Napier. (3) Born 4/2/1825. Died 1846.

11. Morgiana Napier. (4) Born 2/9/1827. Died 4/24/1906. Married William Johnson.

11. Richard C. Napier. (5) Born 10/23/1829. Died 3/10/1834.

11. Margaret Tennessee Napier. (6) Born 11/13/1832. Died 4/10/1872. Married, first, John Stacker Van Leer 11/3/1848--a second cousin in the Bernard line. They had 3 children. Married, second, Dr. Sheffield.

12. Minnie Wood Van Leer. (1) Born 10/23/1849. Died 4/15/1886. Married Dr. Eugene Smith.

12. Samuel Van Leer. (2) Born 11/10/1851. Died 7/7/1854.

12. Frederick Terass Van Leer. (3) Born 4/18/1853. Died 8/5/1861.